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Detox Headache: Can There Be Any Respite?

relieve your detox headache

detox headache can be nastyA detox headache is actually by far the most prevalent side-effect of a detox weight loss plan. Such diets have been around as long as the “grapefruit diet program,” which extends back to the 1930s. The aim of this specific intense sort of weight loss strategy is to reduce the damaging issues due to absorption of nasty toxins in the food you will usually eat.

What exactly is a detox diet plan?

The usual diet regime may last for a period of a couple of days to 3 weeks. It contains a reduced eating of meals in both quantity and variety. Also, you’ll need to do away with caffeine intake from your diet, and to step-up the volume of water which you take in each and every day.

What causes a detox headache?

When you stop eating those foods your body may be used to, this can trigger headaches. The initial few days of this type of diet plan are often very tough for a lot of people. The reason being they have to get rid of things that they love to eat and drink from their diet. Whilst these types of food aren’t treated as “drugs”, you will nonetheless experience a withdrawal effect when those foodstuffs are not being consumed. Headaches are the most typical withdrawal symptom.

Caffeine withdrawal

Whenever you go on a detox diet plan, you really need to totally eliminate caffeine. If you love coffee and drink a cup 2 to 3 times each day, you may suffer caffeine withdrawal and probably get a headache. This was revealed in 1990, when a British healthcare journal posted an investigation that determined one of the common side-effects of caffeine withdrawal is headaches. Other typical caffeine withdrawal side effects include migraine attacks and irritability.

Decreased blood sugar levels

Detoxing diet programs require you to consume a substantial amount of water, and significantly decrease your caloric intake. Suddenly bringing down calorie consumption can lead to lower glucose levels. This can then lead to a headache. Additionally, when you quickly cut down the volume of calorie intake, this reduces your metabolism, causing your body to enter “starvation mode”. Should you suffer from epilepsy or diabetes, having lower blood glucose levels will be dangerous for your state of health.


Also known as water intoxication, hyponatremia is amongst the most typical reasons behind a detox headache. As reported by the BBC, in 2008, a British woman went through extreme neurological side-effects through hyponatremia. This was noted after consuming a lot of water as shown by her diet program.

Consuming excessive water may result in diluting your blood and inundating your cells and organs with water as the sodium levels inside your body are lowered. When this occurs, the cells of your brain can swell, and result in an increase in pressure inside your skull, causing a headache. Two other possible side-effects of hyponatremia are respiratory problems and seizures.

Headache treatment

Normal water is perhaps the easiest way to get respite from a detox headache, if you don’t go crazy and lower your blood glucose too considerably. Water will flush your body and remove the signs and symptoms which can be resulting in your headaches. It’s also advisable to start getting rid of foodstuffs you are dependent on before starting your detox diet.

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